Hello readers,

Boring updates ahead:

1. This is the first time I come to the office in 3 weeks. We had completed the Math Olympiad Prep Course in Penang and KL for the past three weeks. Many thanks to the participants — I hope you enjoyed the camp, and learned a lot of mathematics. Thanks also to the organizers, Fazdlee and Iznan, and the facilitator, Shin Yin, for helping me out.

2. Next Tuesday I have been invited to address some gifted young children from the Permata Pintar program. I have not decided on a topic yet, since I just got the invitation few days ago and I haven’t got around to thinking about it. Whatever topic I decide to talk about should be interesting enough to maintain the kids’ attention, but not too highbrow that the children will be bored to death. The attention span of a regular schoolkid is about 5-10 minutes, after that, you need to do interactive activities to maintain their attention.

3. Speaking about young kids, Fazdlee and Iznan will conduct a science camp co-organized by ArdentEdu and ALIMKids, a local children book publisher. Details here: http://ardentedu.com/v7/events?event_id=20. Registration is still open. Walk ins are welcome.

4. Next week on Friday we will commence the training program for the IMO 2011 team. The senior students will sit for the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns (TOT) papers. The TOT, organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences, is one of the most prestigious math contests in the world. Our students have performed really well in recent years, with 5 students winning the TOT Diploma in 2010: http://www.amt.edu.au/imtotanz.html

Our student, Tham Ying Hong, got the second highest score among participants from Malaysia, NZ and Australia. At 28.75 points, he is only one of two students in the region who got more than 20 points, a remarkable achievement indeed. Congratulations to all five!

5. Ok, enough with math news. I am currently working on a new business venture under the Aidan stable. This business has potential to be huge — so I am planning to spend the whole weekend doing some strategic and financial planning. Next week I should be busy with proposals, paperwork, etc. Kena cari duit sikit lah, nak meniaga.

6. Also working on the new Aidan Institute. It is an series of informal knowledge sharing seminars organized by our office. Will write more about this later.

7. My parents are in Sg. Petani to attend a family wedding. I am not sure whether I will join them tomorrow. Tengok lah kalau tak penat, I travel to SP or Penang tomorrow morning.

8. Next week I will interview around 20 applicants for MIT. Good luck to all applicants, and please come prepared (and on time).

9. I registered for the Young Corporate Malaysian Summit 2010 (http://youngcorporatemalaysians.com/ycms2010/) but I am still unsure whether to go or not. As mentioned before, I might have to travel to Penang tomorrow morning.

10. Life is good.

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