What’s wrong with this photo?

Look carefully:

Answer will be given after two days. Please do not use Google or Tineye, just use your own eyes to look at the photo. You can make the picture bigger by clicking on it.

Please write your answer in the comment section.


11 Responses to What’s wrong with this photo?

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  2. kamil says:

    bibir tak warna merah habis…
    kat hujung tu tak warna…

  3. man pazin says:

    rasa mcm earrings x sama pattern!

  4. Kyle says:

    The left earring doesn’t seem to cast a shadow in the right direction. It seems that the light source is coming from the lady’s left side.

  5. KhairiNordin says:

    if i’m not mistaken, bulu mata sebelah kiri perempuan mcm ada sth yang tak kene…

  6. Paan says:

    Setelah saya enlarge gambar tersebut, saya dapati ada something wrong dengan pixelsnya. Macam bukan photo sebenar.

  7. awin says:

    macam jans tans aje

  8. mintyais says:

    It feel like a real person also. I know it’s sound stupid, hand draw picture?

  9. mintyais says:

    *not real person.

  10. man pazin says:

    tarik balik jawapan kat atas (earrings) …

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