30 January 2011

1. I’ve uploaded the exam papers from the previous IMO camp on the “IMO 2011 Training” page.

2. My friend SJ have re-branded his blog,


from a business/entrepreneurship blog to a personal blog. I find the new format more quite interesting because SJ has lots of experience mingling with different types of people. He is quite mature and well-connected for his age. Please pay his blog a visit. His business/entrepreneurship articles will appear at another website, niaga101.com, and will be cross-posted at his personal site as well.

3. The event of the year I’ve been waiting for: the 2011 MIT Mystery Hunt! (actually it was two weeks ago, but I’m just writing about it today). I usually do the puzzles as soon as they were published online, and usually can solve about 10 of them. This year I can only solve 5…*tsk tsk*…I think I’m losing my puzzle mojo.

I used to be an avid puzzler when I was younger. I do all sorts of puzzles under the sun: logic puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku (I’ve been doing sudoku since 1996 before it got famous, but I don’t like sudoku because it’s too easy), math puzzles, word puzzles, cryptic puzzles, physical puzzles (e.g. rubik cube), etc.

The ultimate puzzler’s puzzles are the puzzles from the MIT Mystery Hunt, the National Puzzlers League con, and the Microsoft Puzzle Challenge (is it still around?). I used to take part in the MIT Mystery Hunt as an undergrad, but my group didn’t place well — there were hundreds of people smarter than me. Also at the time MIT was not invited to take part in the MPC (they invited Michigan, Carnegie Mellon and Toronto for the first edition) so I missed the opportunity to take part in MPC as well.

Here is one easier puzzle from this year’s Mystery Hunt:



Cause of a high-pitched squealing noise (8)

His 82nd birthday is tomorrow (6 6 4 2)

One who makes witty remarks (8)

1997 novel by Jacek Dukaj (6 6)

Reuben ingredient (6 4)

He wanted an india-rubber ball for Christmas (4 4)

It has four roots (7 10)

Chaetura species named by J. K. Townsend (4’1 5)

Fifteen liters of wine (14)

Only partially serious (4-6)

Most popular girl in the senior class, often (4 5)

It is vested in the President (9 5)

Madly in love with (5 5)

Like Buddhism’s path (9)

Tony Randall’s longtime costar (4 7)

Pulsatilla (6 6)

Proposed I-487 in New York City (6 5 10)

Neal Stephenson title craft (6 4)

Rehoboam, Jehoshaphat, or Josiah, e.g. (4 2 5)

Clubs, tees, etc. (4 9)

Reporter’s scoop with a celebrity (9 9)

Joseph Shabalala’s choir (9 5 7)

It keeps pilots warm (6 6)

Data processing using superposition and entanglement (7 9)

They obey Schrodinger’s equation (4 9)

Restaurant chain founded in Statesboro, Georgia (5’1)

District court head (5 5)

Shoplifting urge (11)

Game set in Norrath (9)

Corn variant containing no amylose (4 5)


You can use Google for research, but not to look for the answer to the puzzle. I solved it in about 45 minutes. Don’t be discouraged if you take more than that, even hours. It is not easy.

No further instructions are given. You have to figure out the rules yourself, and come up with the answer, which is a common English word.

Gave up? Answer here:


4. Tak tau nak update apa lagi, so this is a picture of a cute babby:

(thanks d)


Jiwang retro di hujung minggu

29 January 2011

Thanks saudara xBadoMx yg upload video2 tersebut & many more retro songs. Please subscribe to his channel:



27 January 2011

Sorry lama tak update, I was incommunicado for a few days. Updates:

1. Alif and I attended MATRADE seminar on exports these last two days. The sessions were very informative and useful. We learned a lot about the different forms of market entries for foreign countries. I urge my friends who have a business to explore export markets abroad. Will write about this more.

In the meantime, you can get more info at this website, run by the speaker Mr AB Teoh:¬†http://www.exportingandinternationaltrade.com/ . Get his book too, it’s really useful.

2. Deadline for the Cradle Catalyst Fund is fast approaching. Hehehe…I am such a chronic procrastinator. I am planning to apply some preseed funds for some business ideas that the lot.my team has came up with. Kena siapkan cepat2 nih.

3. Received our first cease and desist letter from an attorney. That means we are doing things right!!! (a knowledgeable businessman once told me that if you’ve never been sued or been threatened to sue, then you’re not doing business the right way.)

4. Last weekend I conducted training for the IMO 2011 candidates. This is the second camp for the IMO 2011 program. There were 34 attendees, who sat for lectures and exams for four days. The next camp will be in March where we plan to call back 20 of them. The candidates will be shortlisted according to their cumulative scores in the exams and homework assignments.

I’m gonna miss the kids (who will not go through to the third camp). This year’s batch is a fun and noisy bunch, but I can tell that they enjoyed mathematics immensely. I enjoyed teaching them as well.

5. Young People: Go apply for the Belia 1Malaysia Fund. Masa nak dekat pilihanraya ni, ada macam2 jenis fund akan keluar. Saya dengar MARA dan TEKUN pun akan disuntik modal tahun ini. Jadi cepat2 lah ambil peluang, jangan tunggu2. Dah la pilihanraya 4-5 tahun sekali. Lepas habis election, seme dana pun ghaib.

6. If you have younger students (primary or lower secondary) who’d like to do challenging math problems but are not good enough to do olympiad-level problems, I’d like to recommend this title:


I have 10 copies of this book in stock, so please contact me if interested.

7. Happy holidays to those who are taking early leave next week. Best kan cuti panjang.

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends and readers. May the new Rabbit Year brings much carrots (wealth and happiness).

Old Spice Ad

20 January 2011

This ad won the 2010 Cannes Lions Grand Prix (the most prestigious award in advertising) in the film ad category.

The ad was went viral successfully, with millions of views on Youtube within the first 24 hours. The ad agency then collected viewers’ comments from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other websites, and they created video responses to individual comments. The video responses feature the Old Spice man (Isaiah Mustafa) in his usual over-the-top theatrics. Some of the better ones:

@wspencer from Twitter:

Demi Moore from Twitter:

Perez Hilton, who is “gay as a Spartan bath attendant” (apologies to the War Nerd):

Ellen Degeneres, who is also gay:

Alyssa Milano:


19 January 2011

2011 is a good year for business

19 January 2011

…, hopefully. We are very optimistic.

Some of our plans:

1. Aidan Marketing Solutions, which has been dormant since 2007, will start operating this year. This is hopefully going to be our first international venture. I will not disclose what AMS is going to do just yet, but will very soon after the details have been hammered out. I expect to spend 75% of my time working on this.

2. Lot.my is going to be self-sustaining. As serial entrepreneurs, most of the founders will gradually get hands-off in the operations and move on to other ventures. At one point, we will hire a manager to run the business (anyone interested?).

3. My friends are doing well: Iznan plans to open a hotel and three more branches of his BeZahra business. He is a recipient of generous funding from his friends in the Middle East and is currently looking for ways to expand his businesses. Any ideas?

SJ is working a local version of Groupon. Although there are already more than 20 Groupon clones in Malaysia (http://malaysiacrunch.blogspot.com/2010/09/group-buying-aka-groupon-clones-in.html) I think his site is going to lift off.

Aidan Tech is doing well too. Busy je memanjang nampak…hehehe…

4. We are planning to conduct more Aidan Seminars. Some people complained that they couldn’t make it to the seminars because we do it on weekdays, so subsequent seminars will be held on weekends.

Yesterday we decided to repaint and convert one of office spaces into a fully functional seminar room. Iznan, our resident handy manny, is in charge of this project. If you need a training room near Setapak for your seminar, please give us a call. Rates competitive.

5. I am still waiting for our partners from Queensland to finalize some agreement on a new project for ArdentEdu. If this project is successful, it will contribute a good part of our service-based revenue.

6. We are planning a trip to Batam Island in February to meet some businesspeople (alasan je tuh…sebenarnya nak pegi makan angin…kekeke). Two weeks ago we received a delegation of Batam businessmen in KL, so this will be our kunjungan balas. Anybody interested to join?

* Note: I do not mention specifics of the businesses that are still on the drawing board. It is not good form to talk about business plans before it gets executed, even though it’s just a “plan”. I know some acquaintances who talk endlessly and excitedly about their so-called business “plans” before doing anything, and these people came across as someone who likes to spout hot air. Ideas are cheap, execution is gold.


16 January 2011

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