1. I’ve updated my courses page with the 2011 math courses organized by ArdentEdu.

2. Aidan Seminar #1 has been completed successfully. The seminar is titled “Real Estate Investments”.

Thanks to the speaker Bird and the participants. I have added one more thing to my 2011 resolutions: to buy several houses.

3. Another of my resolution: to manage my expenditures for this year. I am embarking on a serious plan to achieve financial independence in a few years’ time. Therefore, it is important to manage all my financial transactions (however small), so I can analyze my spending habit.

I have always been an under-spender all my life, so I’m thankful for that. I am blessed with a simple taste and an aversion to shopping. I have managed so far to maintain an almost debt-free life. Being debt-free is not always a good thing, if your objective is to build wealth. However being debt free makes sleeping at night easier.

Building wealth and achieving financial independence are two different things. I am not interested in the theories and the banal platitudes about “money”. Ada beribu2 buku, blog, website yang menceritakan perihal menatang2 ni. The most important thing is to have a plan and act on it. My goals are simple, and my plans too are simple:

Goal #1: build wealth. Plan #1: build and grow businesses.

Goal #2: achieve financial independence. Plan #2: increase passive income.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? The devil’s in the details.

4. The more important goal in 2011 is to LEARN MORE.

I realize that people my age and older, prefer almost exclusively to learn informally, by attending courses, seminars, and workshops, rather than the old-fashioned way of listening to lectures and reading textbooks and literature on the subject.

While interactive, experienced-based learning has its merits, I strongly believe that the most optimal method of learning requires spending time and energy studying the old-fashioned way, just like we all did at high school.

So this year I plan to read more books (not popular books but academic ones), have more discussions with scholars, and read more scientific journals. Education is a reward on its own.

5. Have many plans for 2011. My growing businesses will take a lot of my time, but it doesn’t matter because I’m enjoying every moment of it.

This is the most important advice I can give to youngsters out there looking for a job (or even oldsters): Find a job you love, and retirement starts on day one.


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