2011 is a good year for business

…, hopefully. We are very optimistic.

Some of our plans:

1. Aidan Marketing Solutions, which has been dormant since 2007, will start operating this year. This is hopefully going to be our first international venture. I will not disclose what AMS is going to do just yet, but will very soon after the details have been hammered out. I expect to spend 75% of my time working on this.

2. Lot.my is going to be self-sustaining. As serial entrepreneurs, most of the founders will gradually get hands-off in the operations and move on to other ventures. At one point, we will hire a manager to run the business (anyone interested?).

3. My friends are doing well: Iznan plans to open a hotel and three more branches of his BeZahra business. He is a recipient of generous funding from his friends in the Middle East and is currently looking for ways to expand his businesses. Any ideas?

SJ is working a local version of Groupon. Although there are already more than 20 Groupon clones in Malaysia (http://malaysiacrunch.blogspot.com/2010/09/group-buying-aka-groupon-clones-in.html) I think his site is going to lift off.

Aidan Tech is doing well too. Busy je memanjang nampak…hehehe…

4. We are planning to conduct more Aidan Seminars. Some people complained that they couldn’t make it to the seminars because we do it on weekdays, so subsequent seminars will be held on weekends.

Yesterday we decided to repaint and convert one of office spaces into a fully functional seminar room. Iznan, our resident handy manny, is in charge of this project. If you need a training room near Setapak for your seminar, please give us a call. Rates competitive.

5. I am still waiting for our partners from Queensland to finalize some agreement on a new project for ArdentEdu. If this project is successful, it will contribute a good part of our service-based revenue.

6. We are planning a trip to Batam Island in February to meet some businesspeople (alasan je tuh…sebenarnya nak pegi makan angin…kekeke). Two weeks ago we received a delegation of Batam businessmen in KL, so this will be our kunjungan balas. Anybody interested to join?

* Note: I do not mention specifics of the businesses that are still on the drawing board. It is not good form to talk about business plans before it gets executed, even though it’s just a “plan”. I know some acquaintances who talk endlessly and excitedly about their so-called business “plans” before doing anything, and these people came across as someone who likes to spout hot air. Ideas are cheap, execution is gold.


8 Responses to 2011 is a good year for business

  1. Mohd Sarizal says:

    can’t agree more on the execution thing…anyway good luck for the Aidan group..really admire young entrepreneurs like you guys..

  2. Khoon Yu says:

    Wish you and your team many positive returns on the ventures. 🙂

  3. resampadi says:

    Thought I wanted to share this here..Enjoy

  4. Johan Tan says:

    Insya Allah 2011 will be a good year for business

  5. hambal says:

    All the best Aidan! Thanks Resampadi for sharing, that’s the first time i heard the term ‘post-digital’

  6. suhaimiramly says:

    thank Hambal and Johan, hope your businesses grow big this year. Harap2 ekonomi dah stabil and pre-election goodies ade lah yang jatuh ke riba kita nanti…hehe

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