Old Spice Ad

This ad won the 2010 Cannes Lions Grand Prix (the most prestigious award in advertising) in the film ad category.

The ad was went viral successfully, with millions of views on Youtube within the first 24 hours. The ad agency then collected viewers’ comments from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other websites, and they created video responses to individual comments. The video responses feature the Old Spice man (Isaiah Mustafa) in his usual over-the-top theatrics. Some of the better ones:

@wspencer from Twitter:

Demi Moore from Twitter:

Perez Hilton, who is “gay as a Spartan bath attendant” (apologies to the War Nerd):

Ellen Degeneres, who is also gay:

Alyssa Milano:


4 Responses to Old Spice Ad

  1. aiai says:

    “lucky for you i’m certified in nose cpr” << hahaha dan dan la certified :p
    rasa mcm nak tercekik kat hidung sekarang juga 😉

  2. resampadi says:

    Hahahaha ‘over-the-top theatrics’ and a naked man’s chest ; having the 6 packs helped I suppose ( What? I can’t help it, naturally doctors are attracted to anatomy! LOL)

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