Sorry lama tak update, I was incommunicado for a few days. Updates:

1. Alif and I attended MATRADE seminar on exports these last two days. The sessions were very informative and useful. We learned a lot about the different forms of market entries for foreign countries. I urge my friends who have a business to explore export markets abroad. Will write about this more.

In the meantime, you can get more info at this website, run by the speaker Mr AB Teoh: http://www.exportingandinternationaltrade.com/ . Get his book too, it’s really useful.

2. Deadline for the Cradle Catalyst Fund is fast approaching. Hehehe…I am such a chronic procrastinator. I am planning to apply some preseed funds for some business ideas that the lot.my team has came up with. Kena siapkan cepat2 nih.

3. Received our first cease and desist letter from an attorney. That means we are doing things right!!! (a knowledgeable businessman once told me that if you’ve never been sued or been threatened to sue, then you’re not doing business the right way.)

4. Last weekend I conducted training for the IMO 2011 candidates. This is the second camp for the IMO 2011 program. There were 34 attendees, who sat for lectures and exams for four days. The next camp will be in March where we plan to call back 20 of them. The candidates will be shortlisted according to their cumulative scores in the exams and homework assignments.

I’m gonna miss the kids (who will not go through to the third camp). This year’s batch is a fun and noisy bunch, but I can tell that they enjoyed mathematics immensely. I enjoyed teaching them as well.

5. Young People: Go apply for the Belia 1Malaysia Fund. Masa nak dekat pilihanraya ni, ada macam2 jenis fund akan keluar. Saya dengar MARA dan TEKUN pun akan disuntik modal tahun ini. Jadi cepat2 lah ambil peluang, jangan tunggu2. Dah la pilihanraya 4-5 tahun sekali. Lepas habis election, seme dana pun ghaib.

6. If you have younger students (primary or lower secondary) who’d like to do challenging math problems but are not good enough to do olympiad-level problems, I’d like to recommend this title:


I have 10 copies of this book in stock, so please contact me if interested.

7. Happy holidays to those who are taking early leave next week. Best kan cuti panjang.

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends and readers. May the new Rabbit Year brings much carrots (wealth and happiness).


3 Responses to Updates

  1. Ricky says:

    sir, i cant seem to email you so i’ll just tell you here. Do you mind to email me my score for the tests in imo camp 1, the homework 1&2, and for the final test? i want to know how well i did. thanks

  2. Johan Tan says:

    Check out this link on cradle:


    Might be helpful

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