State of the Union

This is on the cover of the latest The Economist magazine:


5 Responses to State of the Union

  1. Saw that, gave me a chuckle. 😀 Not the latest anymore by the way.

  2. My fault, WAS latest when you wrote the post.

  3. suhaimiramly says:

    A letter to editor in the latest issue:


    SIR – Right back at you across the pond: Sprain, Bad Reportugal, Inkland, Direland, Not-so-Niceland, Greece Trap, Francid, Itally, Wild Turkey, Check Republic, Repoland, Slowvakia. You started this.

    Veggo Larsen
    Palmetto, Florida

  4. Veggo Larsen says:

    Glad if you liked my letter. I had 2 previous serious letters published in The Economist, but this was the first time I heard from the Deputy Editor, the very next day. She indicated how much fun her staff was having, disparaging all 50 states, and she was getting creative textmail well after hours. And she called me brilliant! Which I am not, but I crave praise like most insecure people.
    P.S. Her staff spent half a day, I invested 20 minutes.

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