Link Dump


More HERE, in .docx format (hundreds of links, including creepy Youtube videos and Wikipedia links)

Sorry, I couldn’t dump it all in this entry — i tried it and WordPress froze my account temporarily. I couldn’t post a new entry until they unfreeze it. They do not allow so many links in one entry.

Some of the links don’t work, some of them are duplicates, some of them contain nudity / gore / unsuitable contents for work or children, some of them are lame, some of them are stupid, etc. etc.

I do not bear any responsibility for the content in those pages, I’m just dumping the links I got from /x/


2 Responses to Link Dump

  1. Low says:

    *looks at first link*
    *stomach tightens*
    I have a (maybe not so) irrational fear of clicking any link with the word “goat” in it…

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