I am borrowing this netbook from my dear father for a few days before I’ll go buy one. So I can update this blog.


1. Yesterday the third IMO camp has been successfully concluded. On the last day, the students sat for the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad paper for 4 hours. Congratulations to all Malaysian participants — it is a great honor to represent your country in a prestigious academic competition.

2. I am preparing for the MOPC in Penang and KL (click on ads on the right sidebar or go to the Courses page). Seats are still available, so register now!

3. I am currently writing my fifth book. Just got the ISBN application approved by Perpustakaan Negara this morning. I hope I can be done by May.

(Tahniah also to PERSAMA, their translation of “Mathematical Circles” — the classic text by Fomin et. al. — is almost complete. The BM title will be “Rakan Matematik”. Right now a few people are making final edits the draft. We hope that the book will be in the market soon.)

4. I will be going to Brunei for a two days business trip at the end of this month.

5. I am going to Penang on Friday, back to KL on Sunday, back to Sg Petani on Wednesday and back in KL on Friday next week. Anybody in Penang wants to meet up?

6. Anybody wants to go for a 6D 5N vacation to Bali, leaving on the 24th of March? A friend bought a package for 3 person (flight and room included) but had to cancel, so he is selling them for RM 1400 per person.

7. We are looking forward to the launch of Yayasan Iqra’ on 12 March in Putrajaya: http://iqra.org.my/

Aidan Group has been involved in this project early on. The foundation is headed by corporate legend Tan Sri Ali Hashim (of KFC fame), and former MB of Terengganu, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.

8. Lot.my is going well. We are one of the finalists at the NEF Awani ICT Awards 2010 — and we look forward to the award ceremony on 24 March. Harap2 menang.

9. It is with a mixture of sadness and pride that we announce that our longtime staff will depart for greener pastures. Fazdlee have accepted a position at the Malaysian office of a well-known global IT company. He will commence work at the company next month. From what I’ve heard so far, he will be in for a great career and bright futures ahead. We wish him all the best, and a heartfelt THANKS for your service and sacrifice at ArdentEdu and Aidan Group.

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