My internet resolution (for 2011 and beyond)

1. No more forums, except those with intelligent content (MathOverflow, Stack Exchange, etc.).

2. No more anonymous board.

3. No more blogs, except those written by

a) people I know, or

b) people who are prominent in their field and from whom I can learn a lot (e.g. the blogs of Che Det, Terry Tao, Greg Mankiw, Victor Davis Hanson, among those I frequent).

4. No more Youtube other than for songs and useful videos that I need.

5. More newspapers, news analyses, magazine articles, academic papers, electronic books (by e-books I mean the free classics at Project Gutenberg, bukan e-book cara membesarkan kote dan cara menjadi jutawan cicak tokek).

6. No more online games in any form, except playing Scrabble at

7. No more news aggregators and ‘independent’ news portals — these are basically talking shops laden with hidden agendas.

Always get news from mainstream and credible sources, despite what the conspiracy theorists say.

8. No more entertainment website.

9. No more illegal activities (torrents, downloading copyrighted materials).

10. Definitely no “social” activities — chatting, checking other people’s Facebook page (I don’t have one myself, so I cannot even log into FB), checking Twitter feeds, checking Google Buzz, looking up people on Google, leaving comments on other people’s blog, etc. I prefer to meet and interact with humans offline. IM is ok, but only for a definite purpose.


Why the harsh resolutions?

I realized that I’ve been using the internet for 15 years. It is time that I mature and move on from all the garbage and use the Internet only for useful and necessary purposes.

It’s ok to spend hours on the Internet chatting up cute girls and looking at funny videos and reading hilarious blogs written by some lawak guy when you’re 15 but as I’m pushing 30, I need to spend less time online and spend more time living life as it is meant to be lived: in the real world.

I am not impressed with shiny jiggly things anymore. Few weeks ago I had a dinner with a 60 year old guy who had just been using Internet for one month. Throughout dinner, this old man talked endlessly about a funny cat video that he saw, a funny video of a foreigner “kecek Kelate”, a funny video of  animals farting, a funny video of some baby talking baby-talks, yada yada. In two hours he gave a tour-de-force overview of all the internet memes that went out-of-date 10 years ago.

Well, I let him ramble on about the “wonders of Internet”, about how he can chat in real time with his nephew who is studying in Australia, about all the things you can see on Youtube, about how the search engine can understand Bahasa Melayu. I did not say anything because after all, I was also an Internet jakun once (dulu lah, masa sekolah menengah rendah). Unfortunately, this is the sorry state of most Internet users nowadays: dah guna internet bertahun2 pun masih jakun. Still nak forward2 kat orang lain video lawak. Tak paham aku.

Happiness is inversely proportional to the time you spend online. If you don’t believe me, try unplugging for a few days, and use the time you usually spend online to do things you won’t normally do: taking a walk, helping out people with their work, or even reading a book. You will rediscover the inner peace that has been eroded after all these years by constant information overload.

My ultimate goal is to declare an email bankruptcy, that is, to close my email account for good, and not use the internet anymore unless absolutely necessary. Of course I need to close this blog first, and the other few online accounts that I have.

Anybody with me?


One Response to My internet resolution (for 2011 and beyond)

  1. bodo says:

    kesian awak tiada life…
    nanti mati kesepian agaknya…

    menyongsang arus betul…

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