Pi Day

Today is the Pi Day. As per tradition, at 1.59pm EST today, the result of MIT undergraduate admission will be announced.

(For those with limited recollection of high school math, the date and time concatenate as 314159, which is the start of the decimal representation of \pi.)

I hope many (i.e. nonzero) Malaysians will get into the MIT Class of 2015.

I still remember the Pi Day of 2001 very clearly. When I first heard the news from UiTM Seksyen 17 office, I almost passed out due to shock. It took me a while to let the fact sink in. I remember walking around Seksyen 17 campus feeling like I’ve just won the lottery. People from all over campus came to shook my hand. I even dangled my MIT envelope in front of my lecturers, who collectively gave me a 2.40 GPA in the previous semester (payback time!).

I was on cloud nine. And then I called my parents to break the news…

Me: Mama, abang mi dapat masuk MIT.

Mama: MIT tu apa penda? universiti ke? kat US ke kat UK?

Me: errr…panggil Baba lah

Mama: *passes phone*

Baba: yes

Me: Baba, dapat masuk MIT

Baba: MIT? ape tu? Harvard dapat masuk tak? ke kena reject?

Me: *crashes back to Earth*


Thanks to those who wished me a happy Pi Day — Shin Yin and Peng Hui and Coyin and a few other MIT people. Being a good mathematics citizen that I am, I will celebrate today by eating a pie, a cylindrical one, with radius 1 unit and height 1 unit (I haven’t decided on what unit to use, though).

So, Happy Pi Day to everyone. May the transcendental, irrational force be with you.


7 Responses to Pi Day

  1. Coyin says:

    haha my mom gave almost the same reaction! That morning I told her, “Hey ma, I got an offer from MIT.” She was packing things into her bag, and without turning up, she was just like, “Oh. Where is MIT? US or UK?”

    LOL. moms are adorable.

  2. pyanski says:

    if the radius is z and the thickness is a, the volume would be pi*z*z*a

  3. jlee says:

    i had a triple berry pie and it was good

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