Constellations (5th Ed.)

An email I got from Dr. Yunus Yasin:

Salams All,
Pls help by forwarding to all that would be interested too….
wassalam, yunus

Please click here for the fifth edition of Constellations

or Download your copy from

In response to current issues around the world, this edition explores the problem of unemployment amongst the youth of the Muslim world, and the importance of humility and subtlety in dialogue, especially between modern scientific and religious learning.

A table of contents is appended here, and the contributions are pretty rich, hailing from South Africa, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and the UK. We hope you will benefit from the publication, forward this message widely around your networks and write in with your responses and contributions.


The Constellations Editorial Team



LATEST EVENT 1: IMASE Statement on Dr Usama Hasan, Evolution and Masjid Tawhid

LETTER 1: On Evolution

Abu Tariq

LETTER 2: On Death Threat to Imam Usama Hasan

Professor Anwar Suleman Mall

LETTER 3: A Letter on the Scientific Role of Muslims

An Average Muslim

COMMENTARY: Is GMF Shari‘ah Compliant?

Dr Anke Iman Bouzenita

BOOK REVIEW: Prisoner No. 100 – The Story of My Ordeal in an Indian Prison

Anjum Zamrud Habib (Reviewed by Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander)

ARTICLE 1: Finding a Job in Today’s Difficult Economy

Abu Hanifah

ARTICLE 2: 27 Year Old Doctor Searching for …? Suggestions Welcome

Soumaya Mauthoor

ARTICLE 3: Old vs New: A Culture of Mind

Faatimah Salmyyah Raheem

ARTICLE 4: Politics and Political Science: Questions on Elections

Kim Manta-Khaira

ARTICLE 5: The Futility of Fatwas

Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander

ARTICLE 6: When Were We Born?

Shafiq Morton

ARTICLE 7: The Tunisian Intifadah

Shafiq Morton

ARTICLE 8: Looking for Science in the Quran

Auwais Rafudeen

INFLECTION 5: Muslims Praying for Japanese People

IMASE REFLECTION 12: Patani Adventures: The Age Old Search for Peace


The Orientalist Legacy in Huntington’s “Clash of Civilisations” Theory

Maryam Sakeenah

Religion and Science

Professor Anwar Suleman Mall

IMASE Report 3: Unemployment in the Muslim World – An Unavoidable Circumstance or of Its Own Doing?


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