3 Responses to Creepypasta

  1. Ben Lim says:

    Hi Suhaimi, i am very interested in conducting a primary level of Math Olympiad at my centers. Actually i saw your post on the topic of mental arithmetic, to tell you the truth, my centers teaches mental arithmetic. Yes, you have point as mental arithmetic is not mathematic, however it does train the child in focus , concentration and of course calculation. Thats why our student is mostly 5 – 8 years old. After they have gone through the 3-4 years program, they graduate and we ask them to go for olympiad maths and get train in this area. These children are fast not just in calculations but also their brain, so i would like to see whether i can get your syllabus and teach it in my center..

  2. Creepypasta says:

    I love these stories!

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