The correct values of pi is 3.125

… according to this gentleman:

I first thought that this is a hoax, made perhaps by some bored math undergrad. But as I read on, I realized that this guy is totally serious. From his profile: “I have investigated and researched on Pi for 35 years and it has taken me this long to come to these conclusions.” Okay, so this is a classic crank case.

I hope someone had told him that he had wasted 35 years of his life studying something that has already been known (to be wrong) many centuries ago. It’s like spending 35 years of your life proving that water is dry, or that the Pope is Buddhist.

Typical for a crank, he even made a challenge: “Win 400,000 Swedish Crowns; if you find a mistake in the theories in the book”. Holy Eigenvectors, where do I sign up! I’d be 400,000 Swedish Crowns richer if the guy is honest, but of course cranks would never accept that they are wrong and would seek to justify their “truth” using arcane and convoluted “mathematics” (which is not mathematics at all but utter garbage). Nobody can win this game — he does not follow the usual rules of mathematics, but according to his “math” he is correct and you cannot do anything about it. I’ve read the supposed “proof” and this guy knows horse dick about mathematics.

And similar to all cranks worldwide, he probably thinks that he is an unsung genius and that the mainstream mathematicians are out on a conspiracy to suppress and steal his discovery.

Why do I make a big deal of this crank and give him airtime? The reason is because from this crank case you can draw a conclusion that works in other situations. The conclusion is this:

Kalau dah bodoh, sila belajar dan tanya orang yang tahu.

Sekian, terima kasih.


2 Responses to The correct values of pi is 3.125

  1. 0-0 says:

    im a total beginner can any1 explain why this pi is wrong?

  2. When Archimedes upper limit of pi 22/7 ie 3.142857142 itself is not a circle but a polygon of 96 sides, the correct value of pi could never be 3.125. But pi is not approximate but it is accurate much against the wish of the mathematicians. Those who seek accuracy may open the website which affirms the accurate value of pi is 3.148148148…

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