Taste Test

Please answer this one simple question.

There are five basic tastes. Four of these are bitter, salty, sour and sweet. What is the fifth?

No Google/Wikipedia/etc. please.


Answered by Joanne from http://www.unofficialfoodguide.com/.

Please visit:



6 Responses to Taste Test

  1. mohd sukri says:

    eh bro.. sumpah sy tak tau pasal umami ni.. first time arini tau.. thanx sebab bagi soalan tu.
    tapi kalau sy betul2 tak tau then u ckp jgn cari guna google or wiki then apa yg u nak sebenarnya ?
    u nak org yang betul2 genius jek ke jawab u punya soalan tu ?
    pelik ar…

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