Jeopardy! Robot vs manusia

Ada lagi video untuk 2 hari seterusnya.


2 Responses to Jeopardy! Robot vs manusia

  1. pyanski says:

    I remembered following ken jennings’ winning streak in Jeopardy every week back in 04, waiting for him to NOT know something haha.

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    wakakaka sama lah…masa kat college dulu, siap tunggu depan TV room tiap2 malam nak tengok Ken Jennings…dan seme geng2 nerd spek tebal pun menunjuk2 trivia knowledge mereka depan all the dork girls…good old days…hehe

    anyway, jeopardy is a bit dumbed down…kalau nak test real trivia knowledge, check out University Challenge (UK game show). Watson should try this one next.

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