Why MIT Matters

28 May 2011



Hello pipple:

I am too busy / lazy / uninspired to blog for the past few weeks, so apologies for just linking to articles and videos.

I’ll probably write again in July.

Till then, take care.







hello there im a spaceman

24 May 2011


Try this

24 May 2011


23 May 2011



Fleetwood Mac — Silver Springs

22 May 2011

How to Act Productive

17 May 2011

Very good advice from the guys at Gradhacker:


It’s a series of 13 blog entries.

A cute math puzzle

16 May 2011

Using each of digits 1, 2, 3 once, and only basic arithmetic operations, write a formula for 19.

(The only “basic arithmetic operations” here are add/subtract/divide/multiply, powers and roots, and factorials; in particular, no decimals or greatest-integer functions.)

Рfrom http://www.math.harvard.edu/~elkies/Misc/index.html (spoiler alert!)

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