Lancaster Uniform Cap Co., Inc.


Our Company was started in 1929 in Detroit, Michigan as FIGMOR CAP by Meyer(father) and Maurice(son) Figoten. Relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1945, as many people did to enjoy the wonderful Southern California weather. We have made many headwear related items, such as “bee keeper” helmets; California Highway Patrol motorcycle soft caps (before helmets), uniform headwear during World War II for Army Air Corps, Marine Corps, and US NAVY. We still make this for veterans that need replicas or need their old caps refurbished.

Over the years we bought out three or four other cap manufacturers in Los Angeles. Eventually our named was changed to the brand name we have always used LANCASTER. As you can see by our original logo (we have no connection to any city in the US named Lancaster), the name came from the horseman that was part of the Lancaster Guard of the Queen of England.

During that time, Carl Figoten (son of Meyer) (Chairman of the Board) took full control of the company. That is when Lancaster started specializing in Uniform Headwear, and Veterans Caps.In 1975 we moved to our current building at 680 So. Imperial St. in Los Angeles from 4th and San Pedro also in Los Angeles. In 1982, Ernest Aguilar (current CEO) started with Lancaster and brought along his wife Martha (Corp Secretary) to run the bookkeeping and office operations.Ernest also started the trend towards automation; to de-skill operations, increase productivity, and maintain quality. His knowledge in automated industrial sewing machines, repair, electronic component knowledge, computer programming, engineering and digitizing has transformed Lancaster Uniform Cap Co., Inc. into a vibrant and state of the art manufacturer.

Elizabeth Anne Aguilar/DeWeese (daughter of Ernest & Martha) currently works as the Assistant Office Manager, Ernest Anthony Aguilar(son of Ernest & Martha) currently holds the position of Production Manager.Carl Figoten passed away on November 4th, 2001. Ernest Aguilar Sr. is President/CEO and Chairman of the Board.

On September 1st, we’ve moved to a new location 5522 Olive Street, Montclair, CA 91763. A brand new building located approximately 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. We are 6 miles away from Ontario CA Airport. Lancaster Uniform Cap Co., Inc. remains the only cap manufacturer west of the Mississippi.


Ernest Aguilar Sr., Chairman of the Board, C.E.O.
Martha Aguilar, Secretary/Treasurer




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  1. pyanski says:

    nice punchline.

  2. Johan says:

    How did you get to know bout the website? he he

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