1. First of all, sorry for the infrequent updates. I have been very busy past few weeks. There are many things I’d like to write about but they have to wait until I have the time AND the mood to write.

2. We finished the fourth IMO training camp last Tuesday. Any day now, the final six Malaysian representatives to the IMO 2011 will be announced by PERSAMA.

3. Business is going well. I am very happy right now.

4. Just finish having dinner with Jalil and Luqman (thanks for the food!). They’ve invited me to join their business trips to Vietnam, Turkey and Iran next month. I have to think about it.

5. It’s official: Malaysia will send our first observer to the International Olympiad on Informatics (IOI) at Pattaya City, Thailand this July (http://www.ioi2011.or.th/). I have been invited by the organizer to be the Observer, but I cannot make it because I will be in Europe at the time. Akmal will be our representative instead.

We plan to develop a national school-level informatics program (seminars, classes, workshops, programming competitions) and to take part in future IOIs. Hopefully this program will increase the interest and awareness about the art and craft of computer programming among schoolchildren. We are in the process of registering a society to organize the program. If you’re interested to join, let me know.

6. I am happy to hear my friends’ and associates’ businesses are doing well. I have zero jealousy when my friends make money and become rich. That is why I am a trustworthy business partner — I will never betray or undercut my business partners in any situation. Ever.

Anyway, to repeat, 2011 is a good year for (our) business.

7. Lebih baik tutup mulut dan kerja keras dan kemudian berdoa dan tawakal kepada Allah daripada tak berhenti komplen, merungut, menyalahkan orang, mengkondem, dsb. Kalau ada satu golongan yang saya benci, ialah orang yang kerja nya komplen dari pagi sampai malam — itu tak betul, ini tak betul, itu tak buat kerja, ini tak pandai mentadbir, etc etc — tapi tak berusaha untuk meningkatkan nasib diri sendiri. Geng2 ini sampai bila-bila pun akan berada di takuk lama.

Melepak dengan geng2 ini akan menjangkitkan tenaga negatif pada diri mereka, jadi saya seboleh2 nak elakkan dari bergaul dengan orang seperti ini. Saya cuma lepak dengan manusia2 positif sahaja.

8. I will not write about politics in this blog. Ada beratus2 blog politik yang ditulis oleh orang2 yang lebih pandai dan berpengalaman dari saya. So don’t expect anything resembling political writing in this blog.

9. Kerja banyak itu best especially jika kerja-kerja yang menimbun itu kerja yang seronok dan menyegarkan minda. Saya adalah seorang workaholic, walaupun work ethics saya masih belum mencapai tahap yang saya impikan. Although I think I am a very productive person.

10. Next week ada important presentation to a venture capital. Kena prepare properly. Wish me luck!


5 Responses to Updates

  1. zyzzogeton says:

    Good luck, Mr Suhaimi

  2. Rania_Sephia says:

    Best of luck

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