New favorite blog

I have a new favorite blog:

Like Robert Lindsay, he writes about political issues from an extreme left viewpoint. I disagree with his politics, but his writing is very good.

At last count I read about 80 political blogs everyday — roughly 40% Malaysian and 60% foreign ones — but I feel that I should cut down on the numbers. It takes too much time with minimal net value for time spent. And this is not counting the news sites which can take more time since I have to read a few articles compared to 1-2 new entries in a blog.

Or perhaps I should lessen the frequency: read each blog, say, once a week and then rotate with different blogs every day of the week. Perhaps I should divide my Bookmarks folder into “Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc. Otherwise I will waste too much time on junk (even the best bloggers write junk on a regular basis), and I will become a junkie.


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