1. Dohhohohoho…very busy lately. Jangankan nak update, nak jenguk blog aku sendiri pun tak sempat

2. My new book is out. It’s a collection of all the problems and solutions to the MRSM Mathematical Olympiad from 2007 until 2010. MRSM is Mara Junior Science College or Maktab Rendah Sains Mara, and every year they have their own national-level mathematics competition organized by the MARA HQ. I started this competition in 2007 and has been invited to this competition every year. All MRSM in Malaysia take part in this competition. This year it will be on July 3rd at MRSM Kuala Terengganu.

Details about the book will be updated at the Books page. To order, contact me.

Another olympiad book, “Rakan Matematik” has been published by PERSAMA and can be ordered for RM 60 each. This is a translation of the classical text “Mathematical Circles” by Fomin, Genkin & Itenberg. To order, contact me.

3. The IMO team preparation is going well. Our three old students have improved tremendously, and the three new ones are hot on their heels. Hopefully this year we will be able to get a few medals, and rank better than previous years.

4. The OMK (Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan) took place this morning. I wanted to visit the centers at UM and UKM but couldn’t make it because I woke up late this morning with a severe headache. Went straight to Shah Alam for the IMO training camp, where IMO kids had a great time doing the ‘kacang’ OMK problems.

5. Enough with olympiad news. Things are doing great at the office. Welcome new staff: Mahani, Hafiz, Kamal and Rafidah. Empat orang baru masuk sekaligus. The office feels smaller but more lively. With all the body heat, our air-cond bill will surely shot through the roof (no thanks to TNB for the commercial tariff increase).

6. Can’t wait for my Eurotrip next month (we are traveling from Amsterdam to Turkey, on land. We will not go to Middle East this time). I will be joined by another friend who is doing a part-work, part-leisure trip. He is in Europe to raise funds for a Private Equity firm.

7. PAKAR MATEMATIK BERTARAF DUNIA….kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah….wakakakak kakakakaka hehehehehehe muahkakaka

(Disclaimer: I am neither “pakar” nor “bertaraf dunia” but a bit of hyperbole is good for tabloids). Anyway, thanks Kosmo! and Afzan for the surprisingly well-written article.

8. ok that is all i guess.


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  1. cybersans says:

    tahniah mat. tak sangka orang yang tulis blog simple bal.mit.edu yang gua follow dulu sudah balik m’sia & berbakti untuk negara & sambung buat blog di sini. syabas mat!

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