20 August 2011

Michael Palin, former member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, at an Istanbul hammam:

Tomorrow we will take the Balkan Express night train from Sofia to Istanbul, and then will stay at Istanbul for one week. Turkey will be the 16th, and also the last, country on this trip. Can’t wait to get back to my old, boring life in KL. Yay!



15 August 2011


14 August 2011

The Balkan peninsular has the most complicated history of all places on earth.

The last person who could make sense of Balkan politics is Josip Broz Tito (above). After he died, the federation of Balkan states known as Yugoslavia disintegrated and thus started the process of balkanization. It hasn’t stopped since; witness the current tension in northern Kosovo.

Why Philosophers Should Care About Computational Complexity

11 August 2011

Brilliant essay by MIT computer scientist Scott Aaronson. (Some background in math and theoretical computer science are needed to understand the paper.)


10 August 2011

GREAT city. Visit if you can.

The Profit — Kehlog Albran

8 August 2011


It might as easily be said that man could live without Art as that man could live without water.
Look upon the innocent scribblings of little children.
Doubt not that each of us emerged from the womb an artist.
Art is freedom.
That which is called Art, yet is made subservient to commerce is not Art.
That which is called Art, yet is made subservient to a Nation or State is not Art.
That which is called Art, yet is hanging in the Museum of Modern Art is not Art. That crap my six year old son could do, the Master explained.


7 August 2011

Just arrived 4 hours ago.

Enjoy this clip:

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