1. Life is great, as usual.

2. Start with a good news. I just received a grant from Cradle Fund (http://www.cradle.com.my/cms/index.jsp) to develop a certain online application. I received the grant under my personal capacity, but the project will be undertaken by the Lot.my team. I just received the offer letter last week and am now dealing with the inevitable paperwork.

3. The Lot.my team had a good week at the KUD (Bird has more here: http://blog.aidan.com.my/2011/09/karnival-usahawan-desa-kud-2011-putrajaya/). I was not at the venue during the program because I was occupied with other things in the office, but from what I heard, the Lot.my team did a good job there. Thanks Alif, Akmal, Bird, Jalil, Baji and Geng, Naz and Geng.

4. Tomorrow we are going to meet with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) for a final-stage discussion of our proposal. Of course the indefatigable Lot.my team did all the work; I was only aware of this project after I got back from my Euro trip.

5. The IMO 2012 and 2013 Selection Test will be held on 22 October, at four centers (UiTM for Klang Valley, UTM for Southern region, UMT for East Coast region, and USM for Northern region. We will also have some ad-hoc centers for candidates in East Malaysia).

The invitations will be extended to 100 students who performed well in various national-level competitions. We will select 40 students from this test to be recruited in the IMO training program. As of now, we have not decided the 100 yet, since we are still waiting for the final OMK (Olimpiad Matematik Kebangsaan) results.

6. I will be involved in this project: BelajarMYMath (http://belajarmymath.wordpress.com/) . This project is the brainchild of my friend and fellow MIT alum, Mark Lee. We came up with this idea (well, it was HIS idea but we did some brainstorming) during tea at KL Sentral foodcourt, the day before the Bersih rally. I still remember because after we discussed about BMM, Wan Saiful Wan Jan joined us and we talked about the rally.

About the project: http://belajarmymath.wordpress.com/about/

Mark is really passionate about education. He runs a charter school in Florida, and often comes back to Malaysia and Singapore to network with the people in the education industry.

7. I will also be involved in the IOI program (http://ioinformatics.org/index.shtml) in Malaysia. The Malaysian team will participate for the first time in the IOI 2012 in Milan (http://www.ioi2012.org/).

I was invited to attend as observer at IOI 2011 last July but couldn’t make it due to the IMO. However, Luqman and Akmal went on my behalf and gave a favorable report. We will soon meet to discuss how the selection and training process will be done. Those who are interested can try out the USACO gateway (http://ace.delos.com/usacogate) to learn more about algorithmic programming. Those who are interested to join as trainers, please contact me, as we need all the expert help we can get.

8. Will go for vacation sometimes on mid-October in Terengganu…wheee

9. I am supposed to go to Japan on 25 October for some business matters, but I think I will not go this time. I am too exhausted to travel abroad anymore this year. There is a limit of how many miles I can travel a year. Bukannya always seronok seronok je pergi oversea. Sometimes it’s better to pass. Too much travel will cause stomach ulcer (I am making this up).

10. I’d like to get in touch with people with background in astronomy, atmospheric science, earth science, geology and/or hydrosphere. An undergraduate degree in any of those fields is the only requirement, though academic or professional experience is desirable. Please contact me if you know someone.

11. Those of you whose mother is still alive — be thankful. There is no love like a mother’s love.

That is all.


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