Belajar MY Math

I am proud to be a supporter and volunteer for this project. Basically, the idea is simple: to translate the math videos from Khan Academy ( into BM.

This project is a brainchild of my MIT friend Mark Lee (who is my senior by at least a couple of decades :)). He grew up in Malaysia and is now living in Florida with his family.

[This project also gets the support from the new hot thing in education, Teach for Malaysia (hello Dzameer!). Visit TfM at ]

Here is a graphic and a Google doc (done by Mark) explaining the project in more details:

Our goals are 1) to map all the videos that correspond to the KBSM Math and KBSM Add Math curricula, and 2) to translate the videos. So, students who are not good in English can learn math just by going to Youtube or the Khan Academy website.

There are many possible ways to expand in the future, but we’d like to achieve these modest goals first.

In the next few days, my team will identify the videos that needs translating. We are not going to translate everything; it suffices to cover topics that will be used in PMR or SPM.


For the translation part, we need volunteers. If you want to volunteer, contact me or email Mark at (at) .

This is a purely voluntary effort, the only reward is the satisfaction that someone somewhere is benefiting from the knowledge you share. Let this be our effort at “menyebarkan ilmu2 yang bermanfaat”.


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