Famous people I’ve seen in real life

In no particular order. Including those I saw from afar (e.g. during political rallies, lectures, games or concerts).

Natalie Portman

Drew Barrymore

John Lithgow

Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray)

Bill Gates

Kofi Annan

John Kerry (2004 US presidential candidate)

Thomas Friedman

James Brown

I feel good

George W. Bush (& Laura Bush)

Yoko Ono

Mitt Romney

Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson

Noam Chomsky

Greta van Susteren (Fox News)


Tom Brady

Derek Jeter

(the last 3 are superstar athletes, but perhaps only well-known in the US. By the way, A-Rod is Alex Rodriguez, the NY Yankees baseman, not Andy Roddick.)

Elie Wiesel

Ralph Nader

John Nash (A Beautiful Mind)

Buzz Aldrin

Ted Kennedy

Richard Dawkins

Yo-Yo Ma

Chris Matthews

Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons)

Dalai Lama



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