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Ini entry untuk promote business kawan2. Jangan risau, saya cuma promote legitimate business sahaja, bukannya “perniagaan” MLM atau jual “makanan kesihatan” yang diragui keberkesanannya atau jual gelang besi ajaib atau jual penapis air mahupun jual ubat mengeraskan kotte.

Hari ini saya ingin menghebahkan bisnes kawan saya Pyan atau nama sebenarnya Suffian. Saya mengenali beliau sejak belajar di US dahulu. Beliau merupakan seorang jurutera komputer (agaknye kut) sebelum beliau meninggalkan dunia makan gaji untuk menceburi alam keusahawanan dengan menubuhkan FSR Technology Sdn Bhd: http://fsrtech.com/




A startup founded by 2 engineers, Farhan & Suffian.

We build real-time embedded control systems. Our current product focus is on automotive electronics, specifically aftermarket performance products for EFI motorcycles.

As a two-man show start-up operation, we do everything ourselves – from product specification and development (hardware, firmware and software, design and test) to business management (sales, marketing, accounts management, operation, logistics etc). Product manufacturing is outsourced to maintain a lean operation.

(Cayalah, bootstrappers! — SR)




FCU – Fuel Control Unit

Version ringkas Bahasa Melayu

FCU-150Z programmable Fuel Control Unit merupakan sebuah unit piggyback yg direka khas untuk Yamaha Fz150i & V-ixion. Ia berfungsi untuk menambahkan kuasa enjin disamping dapat mengoptimumkan penggunaan petrol.

Baca review pengguna FCU di http://fsrtech.com/forums

Info untuk membeli FCU di Malaysia

Ada soalan? Baca ini dulu

Downloads – FCU install guide, tuning software, etc


English Version

Our first product. The imaginatively named Fuel Control Unit (FCU) is a programmable piggyback controller designed to improve the performance and fuel economy of modern fuel injection motorcycles. It gives the user a fine level of control over the amount of fuel injected over multiple RPM and engine load points.

Currently supported models:

  • Yamaha FZ150i (Malaysia)
  • Yamaha V-ixion (Indonesia)

Performance benefits for standard bikes:
(or basic mods such as exhaust/filter)

  • Up to 15% fuel savings at full throttle.
  • Up to 15% increase in power from midrange to cutoff (0.5-1.5hp typical).
  • Improved top speed and acceleration.

Performance benefits for modified bikes:
(large engine block, racing camshafts, extreme exhausts)

  • Unleash the full potential of your modifications by fine tuning the fueling to match the upgraded specs of your bike. Very large performance increases are possible (more than 30%).
  • Prevent problems with overheating due to lean mixtures for large block users (60mm and above) by setting the correct Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR).
  • Smooth throttle response – eliminate jerkiness due to wrong fuel mixtures after modifications.


  • Water, dust, and chemical resistant casing.
  • Wide supply voltage range from 6.5V to 17V – works even under low battery & cranking conditions.
  • High Voltage surge protection up to 1500W on power line input
  • Reverse battery connection protection
  • Automotive qualified static discharge protection circuits
  • High temperature tolerant design

See http://fsrtech.com/where-to-buy for purchasing information.

For more information, see the following preview articles:
FCU Features Part 1
FCU Features Part 2
FCU Features Part 3
FCU New Case Design
FCU Performance Test Results
FCU Package Contents



FSR Technology Sdn Bhd
FSR Technology Location Map
GPS Coordinates: 3.123826, 101.564752
Operating hours: Wednesday-Saturday 12pm-5pm
Phone: +603-78315041

FSR Technology Official Support Forums

Channel support, media and press inquiries regarding product launches, events, and branding opportunities

Distributor/Reseller Support and Inquiries for Account Representation


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