Paris Massacre 1961

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Paris Massacre. Since not many people have heard of this atrocity, educate yourself:

This is a recap of the events, in case you are too lazy to read:

  • superior, civilized white people assumed the white man’s burden; colonized brown people and their land
  • brown people fought back, formed resistance just like any other self-respecting people
  • white people imposed curfew for brown people living in white people’s land (but only for them, not for others)
  • brown people demonstrated, peacefully, on white people’s home turf
  • white people were shocked, shocked that brown people dare stood up for their rights
  • white people OPENED FIRE ON THE CROWD, killing many
  • and then THREW THE DEAD BODIES INTO THE BEAUTIFUL ROMANTIC SEINE RIVER and not forgetting SOME LIVE BODIES too after which they became DEAD BODIES also
  • thank god not everyone got thrown into the beautiful romantic Seine river, some got herded to the police station
  • …only to get executed gangland style by the police
  • wait, it gets better
  • some people ran for cover inside an underground metro station
  • police threw heavy metal plates onto them from upstairs, crushing the skulls of 8 people
  • all done under orders from police head who served the Nazi in WW2
  • up to 200 killed
  • all this in “cultured” and “civilized” Paris
  • government denied massacre for many decades
  • 50 years later…
  • white people go around the world preaching “civilization” and “democracy” to brown people
  • expect to be taken seriously (lol)

Payback’s a bitch.


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