Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia

Yesterday and today I attended the SVC2M event at Hotel Mandarin Oriental ( with Khairul and Akmal. I submitted a startup idea to the organizers, and they selected it for special considerations — I got the chance to attend one-to-one pitching sessions with Silicon Valley venture capitalists, and to attend a two-day entrepreneur bootcamp this weekend (thanks Mark Lee for the write-up, from which I borrowed heavily when writing the idea submission).

Yesterday I had a one-to-one meeting with Naval Ravikant ( of AngelList ( He is an experienced start-up guy and VC. You can read his impressive profile on several websites. Naval gave valuable suggestions on how to make money doing start-ups in Malaysia. Even though the meeting was quite brief, I managed to get some direction-changing ideas, which we hope to implement soon. partner saya yang join meeting tu cakap muka en. naval macam hiro filem tamil…khikhihihii

Today my good fortune continues, I got another meeting with another VC, Saad Khan from CMEA Capital ( Yang ini muka macam hiro filem hindustan lah pulak…khikhhihihi. Had a very pleasant chat; he emphasized a lot on impact and sustainability. We also discussed how startups usually operate on a less-developed market, without the innovation ecosystem in place. He talked about his experience (and Khan Academy’s experience) in Pakistan as an example.

Thanks to the organizers, esp. StartupMalaysia, for organizing this event. Thanks to the VCs, Naval and Saad, for choosing us and for listening to our pitch. You guys are super.

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