The Greatest Great Books List Ever

The title is pure hokum, but the list itself is decent:

RL is my favorite blogger under the “Fringe” category. He is trained as a linguist, though nowadays he writes on a wide spectrum of topics including politics, race, religion, social issues, leftism, paranormal, culture, intelligence, economy and conspiracy theories (look at the categories on the right-hand column). He is highly intelligent, knowledgeable and articulate, but his beliefs sometimes border on the absurd (bigfoot? really?). Though some of the things he wrote on race and politics I can relate to.

The reason I like his blog is simple: he writes well, long, and regularly. It is common to get 3-4 updates a day, so there’s always something new everytime I visit. Sometimes he reposts old articles, which is okay with me since I couldn’t possibly read the whole archive.

His longer articles and research pieces are very good. A sampling:


2 Responses to The Greatest Great Books List Ever

  1. Thank you for the comment sir!

  2. avrilcole says:

    This is a huge list…..I don’t know if a normal person would have time to read all these books.
    I’ve found a nice site on Facebook that helped me see which book worth the effort……all you can books really saved me some time and also money, because here I find only quality books, it’s like a filter for my lecture:)

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