Answer this


6 Responses to Answer this

  1. redishtea says:

    Think so its 50%.cuz its always either rite or wrong.

  2. WH says:

    It should be 25% if there were 4 different choices, but A and D have the same answer, therefore, the answer cannot be 25%. We are left with two choices. The answer is B 50%. hehe. but this looks to be more like a humour rather than a question.

  3. kasimpatalon says:

    as simple as it get, the answer very much depend on the answer you pick, if you pick 60%, then it is 25%, if you choose 25%, since there are two of them, it is 50%, if you choose 50%, hence it is 25%…there are no definite answer, again, it depend on your choice of answer.

  4. Ikmal says:

    encik suhaimy yg hebat lagi bijakasana.bagitahu la jawapan nye.
    dari sejam lepas saya da google soalan ni and explanations from tons of people kat forum ntah mane2 trying to explain the answer to this question.
    byk sgt possible answer.semua pon macam betul ye,macam salah pon ye.
    so the right answer is what??????????aaghhh peningnya

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