10 videos that made me lose faith in humanity

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Warning: EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE subject matter. Reader discretion advised. If you are easily offended, please turn away now.


I don’t go around the Internet looking for gore videos, but I believe that I have watched more gore / graphic videos than the average person. I say this with no sense of pride whatsoever, just to let you know that I am much desensitized to gore. It takes much more than watching death on video to make me fidget.

However, desensitized as I am, these videos still managed to make me feel sick in the stomach, and make me wonder whether something is wrong with us humans.

List in no particular order. I won’t link to these videos because kids visit my website.

1. The stoning of Dua Khalil Aswad

I used to be fascinated by the ancient sect of Yezidis (the pre-Islamic religion of the Kurdish people), but when thousands of Yezidi men gang up to kidnap a young girl, kick her around and then crush her skull with a concrete block, just because she fell in love with a Muslim boy and might’ve converted to Islam, I had nothing but contempt for this peacock-worshipping Jahiliya cult.

When I saw her being dragged by her neck from her house, by her own family member, while she was begging desperately for her life, I died a little inside. Many men were seen filming her execution on their cell phones. There were policemen around, but they did nothing.

This is called “honor killing” in that part of the world.

Fuck you, fucking devil-worshippers, you will all go to hell.

2. The killing of Ahmadiyya men in Indonesia

Happened recently. Surprisingly, the full video is on Youtube (but you can’t search for it on Youtube, you can only watch it by direct link.)

Three men were stripped naked and then beaten to death by an angry mob. Their building and vehicles were demolished by villagers carrying sticks, cangkul and parang.

Like the Dua Khalil Aswad stoning, policemen were present, and like the Dua Khalil Aswad stoning, they just watched from the sideline.

Beware, fellow Malaysians, if you let the religious bigots have their way, this is what we will end up with. Don’t take this thing for granted.

During the church bombing in KL last year, I was scared stiff. I told my friends that we Malaysians can recover from racial conflict (like we did after 1969), but we can never recover — even after 100 years — from a religious conflict. Good thing that cool heads prevailed, and nothing came out of it. Remember, religious conflicts are permanent. Jangan main api.

Please, Malaysian authorities and fellow citizens, stop the extremists among us before they make us fight over religion, from which we will never recover. Otherwise we will join the Club of Doom (with thanks to Tn. Syed Akbar Ali).

3. Russian White Supremacists beheading two guys

The scariest thing about the video is that the two guys were innocent — they just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. One of them was beheaded by a novice, who took his sweet time dismembering the head from the body. I don’t know if this is due to incompetence or pure sadism.

I read an article about this video, it says that the guys were kidnapped in Moscow because they weren’t white. They just arrived from other parts of Russia, coming to Moscow to look for a job. The kidnappers did this as revenge for…

4. Russian conscripts beheaded by Chechen rebels

This is a sick, sick video. One soldier cried for his mother while his throat was cut.

5. Child got hit by vehicles in China, twice, while passers-by do nothing

Very recent, and many people had seen the videos. I think the American media played this up as psy-op against the Chinese government, and to subtly portray the Chinese people as a heartless bunch. The number of American media outlets which covered this news is quite unexpected. I first heard about this from a major US news channel.

The video ranks low in goryness scale, but still disturbing nonetheless.

6. Mexican gang beheading two gang members using chainsaw

This is recent too. The two guys were either turncoats or rival gang members.

The first guy got his head cut by a chainsaw. The other guy who sat next to him, got his arm bruised by the chainsaw during the first guy’s decapitation. He just sat there motionless while his arm bleed (giant cojones, amigo). Imagine having your arm scraped by a chainsaw. I read somewhere that one second of skin contact with a chainsaw needs 70 stitches to repair. The second guy just stared into space, showing no pain. Maybe he was stoned. Then the executioner decapitate the second guy with a knife.

I’ve seen many graphic photos from the Mexican drug wars. The rival gangs like to scare people off by exhibiting their rival’s corpses in the most terrible way. A popular method is the “Mexican salad”: cut the penis off the dead man, stuff it in the mouth, and hang the body in public area.

The Mexican gangs make African death squads look chivalrous by comparison.

7. Gaddafi

Animals killed him. I refuse to believe these are humans, let alone Muslims. Gaddafi was sodomized with a metal rod before he got shot three times in the head. All recorded on video, from several angles.

These people chanted Allahu Akbar afterwards. Disgust is too weak a word to express my feeling. I do not care either way about Gaddafi, but nobody deserves this. Even if he was a criminal, he deserved due process and a fair trial, not lynching.

8. Dnepropetrovsk maniacs

Also known as “3 guys 1 hammer”, in reference to another disturbing video “2 girls 1 cup” (disturbing in a different way, though).

This is quite straightforward: three 19 year old boys attacked a random guy on the street, and then smashed his face with a hammer repeatedly until he died.

Read that sentence again. Close your eyes and imagine.

From Wikipedia:

One of the attackers stabs Yatzenko in the eye with a screwdriver, and also stabs him in the abdomen with the screwdriver. Yatzenko is then struck with the hammer in order to ensure that he is dead. The attack lasts over four minutes, during which the victim lapses in and out of consciousness. One of the murderers can be seen smiling towards the camera during the video.

And they recorded the whole thing on video. The poor guy Yatzenko was not the only victim; there were others who got their face flattened by these maniacs. Sometimes the kids used steel beams for variety.

On the days when the kids were feeling merciful, they torture cats rather than play whack-a-mole on human face.

This is the definition of sick.


I stop here. Sorry can’t get to 10. Writing this entry is emotionally exhausting.

My apologies if this entry upsets you.


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