wahai google

i love you google — you saved my ass several times in my life…without wikipedia and google i wouldnt be able to graduate from college

i love you google — if i have to pay tuition fee for all the things i learnt from you, i would be million dollars in debt to Google Inc

but why you suck lately

i remember back then the front page is only three things…the google logo, the search field and the two buttons (search and i’m feeling lucky). plus three small links to the right, but nobody ever clicked on them.

that is all. you know your business: search. you collect and organize data so we can search anything we wanted

now, the front page is crowded…jadi macam yahoo pulak

on the top right…link to my account info with my face on it (i dont go to google to see my face, if i want to do that i’ll go to a mirror), ada box with a number inside it, ada cog wheel, semua tu saya tak paham apa ertinya…im a simple minded guy

on the top left…ada mcm2 menu…web, images, etc…and one of it is my name. i never bothered to learn why my name is there. i dont need it. i only need the search field in the middle. and then there is the More button, which if clicked would give longer menu with an Even More button…Google you have become merepek

yahoo takpa lah buat mcm tu…according to dictionary one of the definition of yahoo is “A rude, noisy, or violent person” (i got this definition by typing “definition yahoo” on google). google should be the opposite — serene, calm, and nonviolent.

pastu kat search field..ada gambar microphone pulak. what is the use

(but i like the Google celebratory headings — i would know if today is the birthday of some obscure artist i never heard of)

lower left, link to iGoogle…this is what is wrong with you google…you try too hard to be yahoo. remember yahoo is rude and noisy. just like the igoogle page…ada background picture lah, ada gambar jam lah, ada news widget lah, ada favorite links lah. all useless and yahoo-like

and another link next to iGoogle is change background image…seriously screw you who came up with this. i want my google homepage with no frills

kemudian lower right pulak….tsk tsk tsk

advertising solutions? business solutions? privacy? woit apsal tak letak terus gambar sergey brin and the board of directors of Google inc while we are at it. if we want all those info we would Google it. no need to crowd my beloved google home page. Go to Google Malaysia????? no need– i’ll use my google.com fine. About google?? i can help you with that…google is a search engine that tries too hard to yahoo itself

(despite all this, i love you google — please dont take this wrongly — its just a lament of a lover with tortured soul)

google, you are a search engine. not facebook. dont be useless like facebook

the people have spoken — dont be facebook. dont be “social media” or “social network”.  just dont. remember google wave? me neither. failure breeds contempt

google buzz? thank god that one tanked too. lepas ni apa? google social? google stalker? please dont be useless like facebook just be what you are, a search engine

by all means…give us serach results…web, video, image, maps, heck even ads…but do what you do best…SEARCH!!! dont be yaoo or facebook

another bone to pick

gmail is one of the best things in life. gmail is the hot shower you take after a long day outside. gmail is the coffee you smell in the morning. gmail is the friend you call when you have nothing to say but you want to say something anyway. i love gmail

but the new gmail is ugley. please, where is the famous google data-driven design decision made my a committee of number-crunching web designers with queer eyes? llost your magic already?

only thing i can say is ptuihhhh to the new design. i prefer the old one thank you. please fire your whole gmail design team and send them to yahoo to do penance.

and why lately gmail is slow loading. i swear its not the connection, the youtube videos i download ok jer speed. sometimes it takes one minute to load the gmail inbox, and another 30 seconds to open mail. i cant afford to wait that long ; im a busy man you see

again i say this with all my love. please get your act together. ok bye


2 Responses to wahai google

  1. nurhani says:

    apa lagi en bal. gmail tu click at revert to the old look…..temporarily.

  2. gilmar says:


    […]wahai google « Suhaimi Ramly[…]…

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