Jacob Holdt and American Pictures


I first visited this website back in 1997, one of the earliest websites I visited which is still running. He seldom updated his website, maybe once every year or so, but the content is interesting as is (20,000+ pictures of poverty, racism, & hate groups).

It’s hard to summarize what kind of person Jacob Holdt is, and what his life are all about, but you can get an idea by reading his life history up to 1997:


He had done it all — hitchhiked around the world (6 times!), worked at aid agencies in Third World countries, lived in American ghettos, participated in revolutions all around the world, cared for the hardcore poor and the marginalized. He has led and interesting and meaningful life. Jacob Holdt is the kind of person who, on his 50th birthday, asks, “what midlife crisis?”

He narrated his life adventure in a series of photographs taken using a cheap camera, a $30 Canon Dial. His collection of photographs portraying American poverty and the life of the underclass became quite a sensation when it first came out. He frequently gives talks about them under his project American Pictures. I first stumbled upon his website as a high schooler and looking at the pictures of poor people left a deep impact. I admire his life work, and make it a point to visit his website  every few years to check for updates.

The Gallery: http://www.american-pictures.com/gallery/index.html

About Jacob: http://www.american-pictures.com/english/jacob/index.html


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