Life is great, as usual.

1. I have one more profession to add to my resume: hack writer.


This is a lowly job, like being a janitor or a shoe-shiner. I do this purely for my love of writing, not for the money.

I spend a few hours a week hack-writing at iwriter, and make about US$100 a week. The money goes into my Paypal account which I then use to buy books online (bookdepository.com — free shipping!). I just placed an order for The Prague Cemetery and You Are Not So Smart. There’s no better feeling than to use the money you get from writing to buy books other people wrote.

2. My weekends are starting to fill up with invitations and events throughout the year. By next week, I expect my schedule to be totally filled in, so I will not have a “free” weekend until August.

But that’s fine: I prefer to work on weekends and take a break on weekdays. On weekdays, there are less people at the shopping center, and you can have the whole auditorium to yourself in the movie theater.

3. Renovation at the Aidan office is going well, thanks to Iznan who’s managing the worksite. By next week we expect to have everything ready: meeting room and training room with new furnitures & AV equipments, a new signboard in front of the office, and new carpets. New carpets, Yippeee!

4. We are also expecting some new interns next month. Welcome aboard!

Do you know anybody who is looking for a part-time or full-time job? We are hiring marketers. Submit your CV to info@ardentedu.com .

5. Aidan Institute, which was launched last year but is currently inactive due to tight work schedules at the end of the year, will be back! Khairul is currently working on the details and curriculum, and we hope to have our first seminar soon after the training room is ready. Stay tuned.

Temporary site: http://institute.aidan.com.my

6. The next IMO camp will be postponed, from 13-17 January to 27-30 January.

The IMO training page: https://suhaimiramly.wordpress.com/imo/

7. The next IOI camp is scheduled on the 16-18 March. Mr. Usamah Jamaludin will be the head trainer for the IOI team this year.

Temporary page for the IOI program: https://suhaimiramly.wordpress.com/ioi/

8. I’ve been assigned to accompany the Malaysian participants to the RIMO in February (http://www.amiando.com/RIMO.html?page=645782 ; my team is PERSAMA). The team members are: Afiq, Amirul, Anzo and Justin.

9. The BelajarMYMath project is going well; we have received permission from the Khan Academy guys to use the name KhanAcademyMalay. We will migrate to a new website soon (thanks Yati!). We hope to get enough volunteers to translate enough videos and we hope students will start using the website to learn.

To volunteer, go to: http://belajarmymath.wordpress.com/how-you-can-help/

10. I am going to Labuan for CNY. This is my first time going there. Hmm…what’s Labuan like?

11. 2012 Business goals: 1) more aggressive marketing; 2) more aggressive fundraising.

Must grab all the opportunities. It is said that the Government likes to throw money at entrepreneurs. Every other day you hear a minister announcing some new Scheme or Program to help entrepreneurs.

There is access to financing for anyone who needs one. If you cannot get financing, that means you are not looking at the right place. The problem with Malaysian entrepreneurs is that everyone is applying for the “popular” funds. There are many lesser-known funds that have very generous terms and are less competitive to get. You just have to know where to look.

It’s just a matter of writing a viable business plan, and a well-thought out cashflow projection. Since the start of our business, we have received funding from seven different agencies and banks. You don’t need any “cable” or “orang dalam”, a good business plan suffices.

At the end of this month, we are going to present another grant proposal to a government agency. I have been the “unofficial” fundraiser for the company, so by now I am quite adept at writing business plans and presenting them.

12. Send books plz:


Thank you that is all. Assalamu alaikum


2 Responses to Updates

  1. aje says:

    haha Labuan pretty much apa yg ada kat wikitravel tu la yg ada. makan seafood dgn beli coklat. kalau dah habis round, bole pegi Brunei balik hari.

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