Presenting the new issue of Constellations Journal‏

Email from my respected friend and former co-worker Dr. Yunus Yasin:


Saalams All,

We have produced the latest edition of Constellations. This is a 100% Voluntary effort, so if you like it, pls do send it to friends and family to support our work.

Dear Friends


We hope that this message reaches you in the best of conditions. The eighth issue of Constellations is now online, completing its second year of publication.

This quarter we unveil our latest project and present a range of articles, papers and poetry connecting to contemporary social and conceptual developments, from the Occupy Wall Street Movement to Neutrinos.The Ayman series continues to remind us of the importance of the environment to our well-being through the lens of agriculture.

With the new regular feature, News from around the globe, we highlight events which impact and speak to the conditions in which we live and those that we work towards.

In this issue we also reflect on one of the most respected men in Malaysia in the area of Law, underlining the central theme this quarter, of man made and natural laws. Dr Khalil Chamcham from Oxford University writes in this edition on the relations between Science and Religion in an educative manner that will no doubt benefit students of the subject.  In the first of a new series of reports on the War on Iraq and its effects to both sides, we search for any signs of

To download the pdf file please visit our website,


LATEST IMASE PROJECT 1: Introducing the ‘Developmentia’ Project
Dr Fuad Ali

Articles Section

ARTICLE 1: Kuta Karnival 2009 (Bali) – A Celebration of Life
Dr Muhammad Ahmedullah

ARTICLE 2: The Occupy Movement – A Muslim’s Response
Justin Johari

ARTICLE 3: Neutrinos, the speed of light and scientific ‘truths’
Dr Abdul & Dr Abdullah Ahmed

ARTICLE 4: The Hajj visa selling scandal: Public Protector must intervene
Shafiq Morton

ARTICLE 5: Remembering the victims of British Imperialism over all space and all time
Dr Fuad Ali

ARTICLE 6: The Ayman Series No. 2 – Agriculture and Ecology: Issues and Challenges, The Malaysian Case
Dr Mohamed Yunus Yasin

INFLECTION 7: Loan Sharks

IMASE REFLECTION: A special edition – The personal side of Ahmad Ibrahim. A speech by Mohamed Sidek bin Ahmad Ibrahim in Aug 2007

Journal Section

Science(s) and Religion(s): Critical remarks for an Islamic approach
Dr Khalil Chamcham

Korea: Interesting lessons for Muslim lands
Abu Hanifah

IMASE SPECIAL REPORT ON IRAQ PART 1: The Iraq War – What was the Benefit?

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