I’ve been thinking

I visited the Texas Death Row website:


This is a great site if you are into the darker side of humanity. The TX Department of Criminal Justice keeps a complete list of all the Texas death row inmates, along with the last meals requested by those who got executed (many asked for fried chicken — the finest meal on earth), and also their last words.

Reading their poignant last words makes me think:

Despite being monsters, all of them are afraid of death. Facing death, each one of these hyper-macho murderers, armed robbers and rapists suddenly turns into a small child, clutching at his mummy’s skirt, crouching down in fear of the great unknown. Each one talks about love and forgiveness and prays to Jesus. They cower. I bet most of them mumbled polite thanks to the guy who would later switch on the electric chair.

Deep inside, we men are insecure babies, sucking on our thumbs.

That is why I never buy this whole macho, manly crap. In reality, most men are pussies, especially those who try too hard to show off their manliness.

I dare say that there are more women with courage, than there are courageous men. Machismo is just a tribal, animalistic instinct, an imaginary gang insignia for the self-proclaimed “real men”.

You know who died a dignified death, defiant till the end? Saddam Hussein. Now THAT was a real man.


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