So many childhood heroes in one video

The classic 1992 Royal Rumble. I know ALL 30 of them by name.

Name of wrestlers by order of entry:

I know professional wrestling is fake and the fights are choreographed, but look at the athleticism and stamina of Ric Flair. He is probably the smallest guy in the line-up, he got ass-whooped by at least 25 other people including being choked repeatedly by the Undertaker (this guy used to give me nightmares as a kid, damn white eyes) but still remained standing after an hour. Of course the storyline was scripted and timed perfectly to make him win in the end, but take a look at the video carefully: Ric Flair never had even one full minute of rest.

Back then, wrestling was all clean fun and family-friendly and the characters were crude stereotypes of nationalities and professions, just like video games. I stopped watching wrestling in the mid-90s, after they introduced scantily-clad female “managers” and cheerleaders, overly-realistic storyline with people trash-talking in the ring for 30 minutes without any fight, the MacMahon family (their soap opera destroyed wrestling forever), and overly-commercialized, Hollywood-ish characters (like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin). I’d take the old-school WWF anytime.


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