IMO 2012 Announcement

The Malaysian team to the IMO 2012 in Argentina has been selected. The announcement was made by the Chairwoman of the IMO Malaysia program, Prof. Dr. Arsmah Ibrahim.

The team members are:

  1. Anzo Teh Zhao Yang, SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth, Penang
  2. How Si Wei, SMK USJ 12, Selangor
  3. How Si Yu, SMK USJ 12, Selangor
  4. Justin Lim Kai Ze, SMK Tinggi Kluang, Johor
  5. Muhammad Afiq Noorman, SMK Sultan Badlishah, Kedah
  6. Tham Ying Hong, Taylor’s College, Selangor

Congratulations to the team. All team members (except Afiq) were also in the 2011 team, so we have an experienced team this year. Wish you guys all the best in Argentina. Make us proud!

The team leader is Mr. Muhammad Ikhwan Azlan, and I will help him as the deputy leader.

For more details about IMO 2012, go to .


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