I’m back

1. Right now I’m in Argentina, in the coastal city of Mar del Plata. I’m here for the International Mathematical Olympiad. I have been here since last week, and will be back in Malaysia early next week.

dont cry for me anjing betina (this is just a joke ok, when Evita first showed in Malaysia masa tu i was in form 2, and ppl made this joke in school)


So far things are quite boring here, nothing much to do in this city (most shops are closed, and there’s nothing worth visiting) and it’s too fucking COLD (from below zero in the morning, to about 7 degrees in the afternoon). I already forget how it feels to live in a cold area after I left Boston, and now it seems I have very low tolerance of cold. I have to wear 3 layers of clothing in my room, while putting the heater on max. I don’t go out unless absolutely necessary, like taking the kids to dinner.

I moved to another hotel yesterday. I rejoined my colleague Ikhwan, the Malaysia team leader, at the Hermitage Hotel, for the second phase of the competition. I have been traveling with the students and stayed with them at the iconic Hotel Provincial, which is just across the street from Hermitage.

The teams performed okay this year. Their performances are more evenly distributed although we do not expect any Gold or Silver medal.

Nowadays, I do not enjoy traveling as much. The KL to Argentina journey was a slog — 9 hours to Dubai, 14 hours to Rio, 3 hours to Buenos Aires, and another 6 hours on the bus to Mar del Plata plus countless hours slumping on airport chairs. I’m so not looking forward to the return journey.

I’m a bit worried because after visiting more than 50 countries, I started to feel fearful of flying. I don’t enjoy traveling as much as before. Despite the luxurious accommodation (the Hermitage is seriously gilded — fit for Heads of State) and the seemingly relaxed program, I am counting days when I will return to Malaysia. Maybe I’ve gotten old, but I cannot stand a few days outside Malaysia any more.

2. The IMO 2012 paper, try it!


3. A Beatles song:

When people talk about “Beatles songs”, they usually mean the pop songs from the Red/Blue Albums or their No 1 hits, plus some famous ballads like Yesterday or Something. Like my friend who is a self-proclaimed Beatles fan and claimed to know “many” Beatles songs, but don’t know anything from Sgt. Pepper.

Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band is the FINEST Beatles album (perhaps the best album ever), okay.

Interpretation by Eddie Izzard (this is messed up LOL):



3 Responses to I’m back

  1. Dian Noriza says:

    “…and now it seems I have very low tolerance of cold. I have to wear 3 layers of clothing in my room, while putting the heater on max” —-> sama laaa masa i kat NZ/melbourne aritu =) hihih..

  2. Faizal says:

    Last time I went to Boston and got a chance to visit MIT. You comes to my mind at that time 🙂

    Btw, all the best to your team in Argentina! Proud of it bro…

  3. Anon says:

    eddie’s version is so damn disturbing.

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