1. I was back from Argentina last week. The trip went well, but I got sick few days afterwards. I will only get back to office today.

2. Congratulations to the Malaysia IMO team who did well (Silver for Anzo and Si Yu, Bronze for Ying Hong, Si Wei and Justin, Honorable Mention for Afiq). This is the first time everyone on the team wins a reward, and our total score finally surpassed 100 points.

There are much more to work for, but we’re on the right track. Once again, thanks to everyone involved especially the team managers, committee members and trainers. Thanks to PERSAMA and ExxonMobil for their support, and to KPM for entrusting me with the training.

BH covered this: http://www.bharian.com.my/bharian/articles/PelajarkitajaguhMatematik/Article/artikel

Next year the IMO will be at Santa Marta, Colombia: http://www.uan.edu.co/imo2013/en/

3. Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan to everyone.

4. We will have our second IOI 2012 training camp in August, and probably kick off the Malaysia Computing Competition later this year. Watch this space.


If you enjoy watching crimes documentary, you should watch this one called The Iceman Tapes. The Iceman (Richard Kuklinski) was a serial killer, believed to have killed more than 200 people in cold blood. He kills without mercy and any modicum of regret. I’d like to believe he is Satan incarnate. Not even Gacy, Dahmer or Gein were close to his level of depravity. Among criminals, he is the ultimate evil.

There are other documentaries too, just search Iceman or Kuklinski on Youtube.


One Response to Updates

  1. Tutor Hambal says:

    Congrats Bal, semua dpt medal tu

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