1. I have updated some pages — the IMO training page is now for IMO 2013, the IOI page has the IOI 2012 team list, the book order form has been updated (shipping cost is now RM4 per book since our courier company has increased prices. sorry yer).

2. Business is running at a brisk pace. We are busy. Our office is very very hectic nowadays. Iznan is working round-the-clock to make sure the renovation is complete and the office is ready for the Raya party next week. Bird and Alif are busy running around everyday, working on handful of projects and chasing impossible deadlines. The ladies Shazlin and Yati are working long hours and go home later than usual. We simply don’t have enough time and manpower to be on top of everything so we are interviewing and hiring. The long-awaited Aidan signboard will FINALLY go up (after we moved to Setapak 2 years ago). The next-door office should be ready for tenancy next week. Iznan is busy IKEA-ing the whole place to give it a fresh new look. I am going to Terengganu this week and next week. Lot.my is going through the next growth phase, and after a lot of soul-searching, we have a new business plan. This Sunday the whole Lot.my team will work all day in our Ampang office, so that means no visiting open houses on the weekend for us. It’s been a while since we all had a full work Sunday.

In other words, EXCITING TIMES!

3. I am planning to write some new books, but like other projects of this kind, I’m sure it will be delayed by 2-3 years. Somehow, it’s hard to prioritize long-term projects like this.

4. I will be in Italy 22-30 September for the IOI.

5. I have signed up for 3 other online courses (other than the Cryptography class on Coursera which I started last week) so I have a workload equivalent to a full-time college student. I am planning to actually spend a few hours a week doing the work for each course, and to actually “graduate”.

I believe learning should be a lifelong pursuit, and should not stop after college. I am a strong proponent of quality online education. The best course providers are Coursera, Udemy, Udacity and EdX.

The only thing you need is discipline. If you don’t have discipline, it would be better to go to an actual university. I am disciplined enough to do the work when nobody is keeping score, so online courses are enough for me. Also, I don’t need any more paper degrees (my only one is enough, I think). I just want to learn, that’s all.

6. I bought some books at the UM bookstore http://www.kkum.com.my/. Look at the logo, what does it remind you of. Itu sahaja sekian terima kasih.


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