Now in Italy attending the IOI 2012:

After the contest, we are going to visit Sirmione, a city near our resort, and also two major cities, Milan and Venice. The competition so far is alright, our Malaysian contestants are doing quite ok, obviously not as good as other more established countries, but this is our first time at the IOI and this should be a learning experience more than anything else. Shien Jin (the team leader) has been working hard making sure that our students do their best, and code as well as they can. The kids are in good spirits: between endless chatter and pingpong sessions, they are having as much fun as they are getting new experiences.

I’m enjoying the nice weather around Lake Garda, where we are staying, having hundreds of computer scientists and students as company. Italian food is REALLY good.

Can’t wait to get back to Malaysia this Sunday. Wherever I am in this world, there are 3 things I miss the most: my family, my bedroom, and my office.


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