A hobby of mine

Other people collect stamps, butterflies, coins, etc.

I collect banned books (i.e., banned by Malaysian authorities). Collecting the English books in the list is not very challenging because they are all available for purchase online. I prefer to collect the Malay-language books because it is much harder to come across one. If you have any, and would want to sell to me, please send me an email. I just purchased one this morning 🙂

Just in case you’re wondering: Don’t worry I will not become sesat — collecting these books doesn’t mean I agree with their contents. I am not a child, I am mature enough to think for myself.


One Response to A hobby of mine

  1. Malaysian Maverick used to be banned but previously I found it somewhere in Popular Bookstore or MPH (tak ingat mana satu) . . . There is another. TUN SALLEH ABAS, SINGA DI BAWAH TAKHTA DIJERAT. 1988

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