The Most Epic Epic Graphic Novel

I got the full set of The Sandman as an early birthday present. Many thanks (!!!) to my benefactor. It is not cheap; the list price at Amazon is US$200 for the paperback slipcase set, not including shipping.

I’ve always wanted to read the whole series, but I couldn’t afford it in college, and libraries don’t usually carry comic books. So I had to wait until I’m almost 30 to finally read it. The work was first published in 1989 and was in serialization for 7 years.

The Sandman is not a typical superhero comic. It is not Captain America or X-Men, good versus evil. It is a graphic novel for thinking adults. It is definitely not for kids — adult themes abound. It is not for the simple-minded — the stories can be tough to comprehend, with lots of obscure references and Borgesian mindfuckery. No less a writer than Norman Mailer has said that The Sandman is a “comic strip for intellectuals”.

Neil Gaiman is a Genius.


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