2013 — Very optimistic year

1. Business is going at full speed — so many things to do, lots of business opportunities, lots of growth potential. If you want to join any of my companies, shoot me an email. We are going to hire.

2. Maybe finally settling down? heheheh

3. I’m planning to go to Boston this year, around April-ish. Hopefully will get the visa this month. Ada sesiapa nak join?

4. Baby kangaroo is born, yay.

5. Looking forward to see more of the world. This year I’m planning to visit more of Malaysia, especially the hidden gems and the unknown hideaways. Malaysia is one of the most beautiful, pleasant and safe places on Earth. You should try it, it’s just nearby.

6. Also I hope to discover more of Malaysian history and literature. I am planning to visit some of the smaller local museums and read more Malay literature.

7. People always say that “time flies so fast, it’s already 2013”. I think it’s the opposite. I think 2012 took forever to end. I have a short memory: I can’t even remember places I went to in early 2012. Even my trip to Argentina in July seems like a distant memory. I only have clear picture of events that happened October 2012 onwards.

Some years went too fast: for me, 2011 and 2009 are those kind of years. If I keep myself busy and occupied with things to do, time feels slower.

8. Read more! My 2013 resolution: read one book a day. This is not impossible. I can kick back 100 pages in an hour and I have lots of free time.

I bought RM600+ worth of books at the recent Big Bad Wolf sale, so I have enough sustenance until March or so.

9. Write more! I should be more disciplined when typing on my computer, and not be distracted with other things. Every day I plan to spend 2 hours of solid writing: book drafts, manuscripts, proposals, business plans, emails, marketing materials, my novel that I started writing back in 2006 tapi tak habis-habis, etc.

Also, I am pushing myself to write non-stop for one hour daily at a hack-writing website. This is a good way to practice writing faster with higher accuracy. On my good days, I can make up to US$30 per hour doing hack-writing. Hey, I’m poor, I can use the little extra dough.

10. Less time doing useless things, such as: reading political blogs, sitting in useless meetings, dealing with other people’s shit, ranting, complaining, watching TV, watching useless Youtube videos, and being a generally useless asshole.

Enough time wasted in the past 30 years, now it’s time to DO THINGS!


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