Looking for an old friend

I’m looking for the contact info for one Mr. Wan Yusof Wan Morshidi, originally from Sarawak.

He attended MIT in the early 90s, and stayed in Boston until at least 2005, when I last met him. During my undergrad years, he used to work at The Tech (the MIT student newspaper) as a photographer. He also did odd jobs and moved in and out of apartments frequently. Sometimes he slept in my room at Senior Haus.

Wan (as I called him) only wears black t-shirts and jeans. He used to sleep all day, and only went out at night, a nocturnal habit he picked up at MIT. The last email I know is wan@mit.edu, which is not working anymore.

He is a bit of an oddball: a Borneo-born goth with big brains and little ambition. He never held a real job back then, despite his academic qualification: he got a bachelor’s degree in Physics from MIT (his advisor later won the Nobel Prize in 2001) and a master’s degree in Computer Science, also from MIT.

Before I graduated, he gave me a black T-shirt with the caption “SPAMIT: Stupid People at MIT” with the picture of the two guys from the MIT emblem, one of them choking a chicken, and the other one dropping an anvil.

Compared to most MIT kids from Malaysia, he does not put on airs, he’s a very sempoi guy. We only speak to each other in Malay and make stupid jokes all the time. He taught me many Malay and Borneo curse words which I’d never heard of. He also taught me the song “kecik kecik lembu jaga”, which was banned in Malaysia in the 80s for being racially offensive.

We used to hang out together with Bur, another MIT oddball from Malaysia. These two guys (Wan & Bur) are super nerds and tried very hard to induct me into the world of Star Wars and general nerdiness, without much success. I used to fall asleep listening to them talk about nerdy topics.

Wan used to help me a lot in Boston, basically being an asshole big brother. We used to hang out together almost everyday. I fought with him sometime in 2004 over something that I cannot remember, and we seldom spoke since then. I lost contact with him totally after I left Boston in the summer of 2005. The last email I sent him was simply “fuck you”.

I can’t find any info on him on Google, except the credits on the photographs he took for the MIT newspaper. It’s weird that he has no online presence since he is quite tech-savvy — he taught me how to use the MIT Athena computing system.

I have narrowed down the possibilities: either he had completely unplugged from the Internet (unlikely), or he had changed his identity (not unlikely), or, or, or, …

If you’re reading this, bro, let bygones be bygones. Sorry for, um, whatever we fought for 9 years ago (which I can’t remember anymore). I kind of miss you. Please get in touch, for old times’ sake.


5 Responses to Looking for an old friend

  1. Da says:

    Have you tried Bur?

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Thanks, but I think that’s a different person, a friend of a friend who studied at UWisc, and whose surname (father’s name) is Wan Yusof.

      • azharbakri says:

        Its very fascinating about your friend presence in internet and difficult to locate him. I presumed he is 41 or 42 years old and last photo he submitted to Tech was in 2009. Btw do you know his former secondary school in Sarawak. Its now an obsession for me to locate your friend….

        On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Suhaimi Ramly wrote:

        > ** > suhaimiramly commented: “Thanks, but I think that’s a different person, > a friend of a friend who studied at UWisc, and whose surname (father’s > name) is Wan Yusof.”

  2. Dzamir says:

    Did you find him? I went to BU but used to hang out with him till I left in 2001. You described him to a t.

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