A simple math problem

Upin and Ipin went fishing. They took their fathers along (Upin and Ipin are not brothers), and nobody else.

Upin and his father caught the same number of fishes. Ipin caught three times as many fishes as his father. Altogether they caught 25 fishes. How many fishes did Upin caught?

Please answer in comment below.

(Note: There is an answer. A reasonable one. The usual assumptions hold: every fish has one catcher, one cannot catch a fraction of a fish, etc.)

Source: I read this in a journal article written by Andy Liu. But it sounds like math folklore.


7 Responses to A simple math problem

  1. Ivan says:

    Is Upin and Ipin sisters? If not then it is impossible to solve.

  2. How Si Yu says:

    Upin is Ipin’s father.

  3. Kerm says:

    Yup, agree with Si Yu, Ipin, Ipin’s father and Ipin’s grandfather went fishing

  4. changyang1230 says:

    Son, father, grandfather.

    Funny thing is, the hint pointing out that two of them are not brothers probably gave away half the logical leap and in fact might have made the puzzle easier to solve. At least that’s the case for me.

  5. rohayu says:

    The closest i think is 1.. but it adds up to 26.. huhuhu.. answer please.

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