I’m back

*sweeping cobwebs*

Hello everyone, sorry for the radio silence once again. From now on, expect regular updates.

Updates so far:

1. My trip to Stockholm went well — met awesome people who changed my mind about some of my cherished beliefs. Also had a chance to visit the Nobel Museum. I bought three postcards with the portraits of my 3 favorite Nobelists: Richard Feynman, Bertrand Russell and Winston Churchill. And I bought some graphene pencils.

2. From Stockholm to KL, then I went to Mukah, Sarawak. I love going to the Borneo (this is my 3rd time), the people are genuinely nice and tolerant and beautiful. Some female friends got pissed off when I changed my GMail chat status to “awek sarawak lebih cun dari awek semenanjung”.

3. The Kangaroo contest went well. We have finished grading all 10,000+ papers, and right now we are analyzing the results. We hope to publish the results soon, and send the individual results to the schools in another two weeks. Then we will invite the winners to the prize ceremonies that we plan to hold all over the country.

4. Got money from PUNB to expand our trading business, run by Iznan and Rizuwan. Thanks, PUNB!

5. The next IMO training camp will start this Friday. There are 12 participants left, and we will select 6 students at the end of the camp to be sent to the IMO 2013 in Santa Marta, Colombia. Similarly, in 2 weeks time, we will have the final selection for the IOI team of 4 students.

6. My colleagues and I are writing the OMK 2013 paper. I think the paper this year is going to be very nice and easier than last year’s.

7. Celebrated mother’s day last Sunday at Wadihana Islamic Steakhouse at PV128, Setapak. Thankfully I made a reservation because it was overflowing with people.


OK enough for now.

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