LOL another plagiarism

Once there was this: . Some schmuck butchered my heartfelt love letter to Malaysia and passed it off as his own writing.

Now there is this one:

(Garlic and Butter is my sister Nuyu’s blog. She studied architecture at UIA before joining the Civil Service.)

The funny thing is, my “artwork” which received unanimous ridicule by my family members (what kind of animal is that????), got plagiarized by one “Zara Hassan” (click to enlarge):

lukisan dicuri

LOL, people should have some standards lah.

By the way, my sisters’ artworks (which were plagiarized also) are better, although they made them in jest. The top one was made by Nuyu, the lower by Nur (“Anum Anu” and “Emaan Jamshed” are the plagiarizers):





This is the original entry with the artworks, which we produced during an impromptu family drawing competition in 2008:


Talking about art, I realize that I have no artistic skill whatsoever. Can’t sing, can’t draw, can’t paint, can’t play music, can’t write poetry, can’t sculpt, can’t dance. Nil. Zero. But I’d like to think that I have art in my Soul.

Therefore on my 30th birthday last year, I made a resolution to learn some art. My father studied art at university and is a fairly good artist. I’m sure there is some artistic gene in me.

So, earlier this year I learned to draw using a how-to book (which is as effective as learning how to swim from a swimming manual, meaning not at all).

This is my pencil drawing of a cow:


LOL, I think I’ll stick to doing mathematics.


One Response to LOL another plagiarism

  1. KUKU BESI says:

    I can actually tell that is a cow.

    Drawing skill is not gifted. You need to train yourself to draw.

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